Edward the Tank Engine Part 3 was the third video in the ETTE series.


  • Gone Fishing


  • AngeloCN (Duck)
  • Stepney55 (Donald)
  • Frankie (Douglas)
  • CraneProductions27 (Bill)
  • RailPony (Ben)
  • Helen (Daisy)
  • Matt (Boco)
  • Gordon (Diesel)
  • Brad (Trevor)
  • Zigzag123 (Harold)
  • Annie (Violet)
  • Oliver (Schroeder)
  • Johnny (Jem Cole)
  • Doc
  • Santa Larry (Father's Christmas)
  • Knucklesfan4556
  • Jim and Dom
  • Ed
  • Mdk103
  • The Enthusiasts Boys
  • Michael (Stationmaster) and His Family
  • TheblueV3


  • Impa and his Tow Cable
  • Scrap Brad
  • A Close Shave for AngeloCN
  • Stepney55 without Nameplate
  • Frankie without Nameplate
  • Stepney55 and his Snowplough
  • Frankie and his Snowplough


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