Edward the Tank Engine Part 2 was the second video in the ETTE series featuring the Peanuts characters.


  • Let's Have a Race


  • Daniel (Charlie Brown)
  • Sally (Patty)
  • Victor (Shermy)
  • Timothy (Snoopy)
  • Robert (Stephen Hatt)
  • Wendy (Bridget Hatt)
  • George (Jermiah Jobling)
  • Homer
  • Sam
  • Ursula (Mrs. Kyndley)
  • Farmer Fred (Farmer Finnely)
  • Gilbert, Jake and Moe
  • Bob, Tad and Mike
  • Katie
  • Leon
  • Ryan's Workshop Friends (Percy's Workshop Friends)
  • Jack


  • Edward with his Snowplough
  • Old Shape Al
  • Tar Covered Luke


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